Why The Rose Toy is So Hot Now?


The truth is, when my partner talks to me about sex toys generally, I just scoff or make an ‘unimpressed’ expression. And usually, I’ve been right. This is not to say that I am not aware of the pleasures that could be attained, but rather, I was discouraged by the numerous number of people that often end up dissatisfied after receiving their product.

Nevertheless, my partner loved the possibility but never did get any without my approval. This went on for a while.

Well, let’s just say we had a little disagreement sometimes and I had to think of ways to make it up to her. Since she’d always wanted that sexual adventure, I felt I owed her that much. Little did I know that I only needed a little push myself; I was craving that much adventure.

I decided to use the internet in search of vibrators. I had no experience in this field, so I pretty much didn’t know what to buy.

I saw suggestions and several thousand mentions of people who use the Rose vibrator. The reviews were so good, at first, I thought it was made up. But then, the several Rose vib hashtags on social media made it obvious it was that good.

I checked it out and the design, I say was stunning. Almost too good to be true.

Silicone design, decorative rose shape, various levels of rose vibration, waterproof! Like, what else could anyone ask for? At that point, I almost wanted to be a woman. Ha-ha…!

Anyway, I ordered the rose toy and it got to my doorstep in no time at all. It was discreetly packed to ensure privacy. Even my partner thought I’d ordered some new reads.

When I unpacked it, my wife screamed in excitement! She certainly knew what a rose vibrator was. I felt ancient. Ha-ha!

We decided to get in the mood while the rose vib charged. I have always been aware that my partner has an enormous sexual appetite. Sure, she has occasional orgasms here and then but never enough to deduce satisfaction. I personally wanted to give her more, which is why the rose vibrator for women seemed more like the ideal choice.

When we got down to talking, I realized she didn’t want to buy it that she thought I might get upset or assume it was meant to belittle me and my sexual worth to her.

That was a lie. I only didn’t want vibrators because of the so many fakes and the risk involved. The reviews of the rose vibrator changed my mind.

When my partner couldn’t wait any longer, she simply went and unplugged the charging vibrator. She switched it on and I almost didn’t hear anything. The noiselessness was amazing and it was vibrating all right.

She sat on the couch and I joined her. She looked at me for approval and I simply collected the rose toy from her and told her to lay back. She did.

I’m not sure she was aware of the sucking function I read about the rose, so I was curious to see what all the fuss was about.

I placed the rose over her nipples and she almost yelped in pleasure. Turns out the only noise one should be worried about is theirs. Ha-ha!

I made sure she coordinated herself, at least the neighbors think I have another woman in the house. Her yelp had now been replaced by the soft whimpering of unrestrained pleasure. I wondered what sounds she’d make when I bring it all the way down or increase the vibration rate.

She moaned so well from the nipple stimulation, I almost felt jealous.

I broke through the shelf for some massage oil and rubbed it all over her clitoris. Just when she was getting into the friction, I pushed the rose against her clit and mine!

She made sounds I’d never heard from her before and even went on to dig into the sheets. I increased the vibrations and her moans simply grew louder. At that point, I had to shove something in her mouth.

I was almost wondering why it was so cheap, considering the miracle it was performing. And to think I’ve never been a fan of vibrators!

When I felt my partner begin to quiver in 3 minutes, I thought she was simply readjusting until I say loads of juices gush out. Like, what!?

Even if I’d made my partner cum before, I certainly haven’t done it in less than 3 minutes. This was incredible.

After that first experience, I literally became addicted to reading more reviews about the rose vibrator. It made me feel good that I wasn’t the only one who was shocked at just how good it was. While reading some of the comments, I saw someone confirm the waterproof and strongly recommended using it in a bath. I knew I had to try it.

So, one evening on our anniversary, I decided to surprise my partner. I blindfolded her and led her to a prepared bath. She smiled in appreciation when I opened her eyes and led her in. Little did she know what was coming.

I took her in with me and she settled, relaxing, against my chest. I made sure the water was lukewarm, almost cold. I wanted the cold sensation.

She had no idea the rose was water prove so she certainly didn’t expect anything. I rubbed the rose against her nipples slowly; her eyes were closed.

When I suddenly switched on the vibrator, she jolted, clearly started but too sucked in to bother. Emphasis on the sucked in!

The rose stimulated her nipples so hard that she began to grind her butt against me. The silicon feel of it was almost more real than a real suck.

I brought it down her clitoris, and in seconds, she came hard!

I’d rate 100 stars if I could. It literally made us find the satisfaction we never even knew we lacked.

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