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The Rose Toy – Rose Vibrator for Women


the rose toy
The Rose Toy – Rose Vibrator for Women
  • Elegant Rose Toy – The clitoris sucking vibrator is shaped like a rose which is adorable and romantic, it is the best gift for a friend or yourself! Women should own a exclusive rose to please yourself, live for yourself.
  • 7 Intense Suction – The rotating airflow generated by the internal vibration sucks and teases the clitoris. It simulates a perfect oral sex. With just one click, you can enjoy incredible sexual pleasure and step to the paradise of orgasm.
  • Safe & Silky Smooth Silicone – Our sex toys are made of medical-grade silicone, which hygienic and odorless. This silky-touch clit sucker would bring more comfort to your private parts.
  • Fast Magnetic Charge – This clitoral stimulating vibrator can be charged anywhere with the equipped USB charger base, enabling you to enjoy the oral sex pleasure up to 2 hours after fully charged.
  • Discreet Package & Fast Shipping — Every package is discreet, no product or company information on it. We ship from Canada, get it in hand just in a day!
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How to Use Rose Toy?

The rose toy is also called rose vibrator, the rose toy, rose sex toy, rose adult toy, rose flower toy & more. It is a vibrating and sucking based sex toy for women, and its shape is like a rose.

How to use the rose toy? To turn on the rose toy, quickly press the single control button. Continuously press the button to cycle via the other vibing-pulsing functions. Some of these functions are steady speeds, while the rest are patterned rhythms or vibrations.

Once you purchase the rose toy, which thankfully comes in discreet packaging, it is advisable to ensure it is fully charged before use. Then start using it on the lowest settings before you advance to higher and more powerful settings.

Also, ensure you have lube to reduce any discomfort that you may feel without some form of lubrication. You can begin using it on your nipples with a small amount of lube to test it out before advancing to higher settings. Fortunately, unlike other suction sex toys, the rose toy has one of the best and most effective nipple-sucking functions.

Whether or not you choose to test it out on your nipples, you will have to use it on your clit to derive its maximum pleasure. Again, add some lube, then start slow. It is important to note that clit suckers are intended for indirect stimulation. As such, most people prefer to hold the suckers a little distant from the clitoris.

Some of these rose toys feature a tongue-like feature, while others have the classic standard suction feature. The difference in such features also means a difference in usage methods. However, some tips to note when using the rose vibrator include:

  • Adjust the distance and angle that you are using to hold the rose toy until you find the one that works perfectly for your body
  • Try out different air pressure modes to discover the perfect suction setting for you
  • Stop or slow if it feels remotely painful or uncomfortable on your clitoris or skin
  • Cleanse, rinse, and repeat.